November 11, 2010

Brittany Lauren Design Website Launched‎

Yippie! I'm tap dancing with excitement that my website is finally up and launched! I wanted it sooner, but with my wedding planning this summer and so many other life events, it took a backseat. It feels so good to be moving forward and getting myself out there. In just a few weeks, my online shop will be launching (November 29) and I'm thrilled to share it with you. Check back soon for a 20% off launch code or follow me on twitter at for future exclusives codes.

I really want to thank my family and friends for such amazing support and love. Especially to my husband, Mike, who always pushed me to believe in myself. I am excited and curious to see what the future has in store. With the new year approaching, I have many goals that not only include growing my business, showcasing fun new designs, but also growing as a person. 

Please check back time to time for behind the scenes of my studio, inspirational posts, reviews and much more.


Brittany Lauren 

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