December 12, 2010

The Classic Way to "Add Friends"

(Bird calling cards by Brittany Lauren Design)

Calling cards (also known as visting cards in the Victorian Era) are perfect for the person on the go. They are  FUN and save you time when you can't find a pen to jot down your information. 

1. Personalize it! Keep it simple by only including your name, phone, fax and email address on the card. If you use social media, add your Facebook or Twitter. The great thing about using calling cards is that you can include as much or as little information as you like.
2. Make sure your personality shines. It's important to make a lasting impression when you give out your card. Even if you only choose a simple text, you can customize your card with a printing technique like letterpress, foil stamping or silk screening. These add character and make it memorable. 
3. Add graphics. Fill the space with graphics that express you. Silhouettes are a great way to add some style to your cards, but give it a classic look suitable for any occasion.

1. Don't use a photo of yourself. Calling cards are meant to share your contact information, not showcase your face.
2. Limit your card to two colors and two fonts. The more elements will create clutter and detract from the purpose of the card. 
3. Make this your business card. A calling card should separate your personal life from your professional life.  

Calling cards are perfect for:

Newlyweds: Make it official when you exchange information together as a couple. Great to give to vendors during the wedding process!

(Martha Stewart Classic White Calling Cards)

Mommy or Daddy: Trying to make a play date for your kids? Exchange your card for the other parent to set up a play date later in the week. Keeps carpool, actives and other kid events organized!

(Circle calling cards by Brittany Lauren Design)

Pet Owners: Calling cards are also perfect for animlal owners! Did Fido find a friend at the park? Pass your card on to the owner for future pet dates! 

Students: Want to get together for a study group? Stay in contact with your classmates? These cards are a great alternative to Facebook, because you control who gets your personal info!

Networking: Meet someone really interesting at a party? Whip out one of your cards so they rememeber your chat. 

Travel: You'll never know who you'll meet when your miles away from home! Always be prepared for future opportunities!

In the Facebook era, it's tough to control who has access to our personal information. Calling cards are a great way to exchange your information without worrying that it will fall into the wrong hands. These cards are more than lines of text, they are a fun, hip and classic way to showcase your style and exchange information.


  1. Cute cards - I especially like the Mom card, showing the kids names too.

    I always wanted a calling card when I was a kid, but they weren't exactly in fashion then. Maybe we can make it fashionable ;)?

  2. I have a collection of my grandmother's calling cards from friends and relatives--they are beautiful. Maybe it's time to revive that tradition.

  3. Very pretty and classy! Might come in handy when I have my baby boy. Found you in an Etsy forum, following you now :)

  4. Love these cards! So cute! And the styling in the first picture is fab!