December 30, 2010

Cold Days, Warm Soup

It was nice to take a break for a few days and enjoy the holidays with the family. The day after Christmas, a blizzard dropped 26 inches of snow. We decided to take advantage of our time snowed in and make a simple and delicious soup to keep warm. Not only is this soup delicious, it's inexpensive, and it helps you clean out the pantry!

Here's the ingreidents to make my new favorite soup for snowy weather:

(Serves: 4-6)

5 cups of chickpeas, soaked overnight
9 cups of vegetable stock
3 large waxy potatoes, cut into bite-size chunks
8oz spinach leaves
1/4 cup olive oil
salt/ground black pepper

1. Drain the chickpeas and rinse under cold water. Place in a large pan with the vegetable stock. Bring to a boil, then reduce the heat and cook gently for about 1 hour.
2. Add the potatoes and olive oil and salt/pepper to taste. Cook for 20 minutes until the potatoes are tender.
3. Add the spinach and serve the soup in individual warmed soup bowls.

Don't forget a comfy couch, favorite movie and tons of blankets.


  1. Following you from the Etsy forums. I've marked your recipe, which sounds perfect for a cold winter day.

  2. this sounds delicious, And I happen to be freezing at the moment, so it's nearly perfect.

    I am passing on the "stylish blogger Award" to you, for more information see: