February 9, 2011

Here Comes the Bride

Our wedding ceremony took place at the Thayer Hotel in West Point, NY on October 3, 2010. We exchanged our vows in the elegant Eisenhower Room with about 75 guests. I will always remember my dad knocking on the door of the bridal suite right before the ceremony and telling me  that "everyone is ready for you". My heart began to pump- I couldn't believe that my wedding was about to begin! After months of preparing, it wasn't until my dad came to escort me downstairs that I realized that I was actually getting married in a few minutes. 

The curtains opened, and I saw all of my loved ones smiling. I walked down the aisle holding onto my Dad's arm. I will never forgot how Mike looked at me. I felt like I was the only person in the room as he locked his eyes onto mine. My dad kissed me away, and Mike took my hands. 

Our officiant, Norma Moutal conducted a beautiful ceremony. During the summer, one of our assignments was to write a letter to each other and mail it back to her without the other person seeing it. She read them out load during the ceremony, which I loved. Mike wrote, "without you, I'm like a blueberry muffin without the blueberry". Having a personalized wedding ceremony meant a lot to me because it gives our guests insight into who we are as a couple. People travel from all over to go to a wedding and you want them to feel welcomed by providing them with a unique experience.

Ceremony Photos:

Ceremony music by harpist, Kristy Chmura.

The ceremony room was beautiful and I felt like princess in a castle.

Mike and his parents.

Tim, the best man and Kim, maid of honor.

One of my favorite wedding pictures. 

You may kiss the bride…

(All photo credit to Sara Eden Photography)


  1. It was truly a BEAUTIFUL day! :)
    The photos are amazing too. Brittany, you did such a great job with all of the details, and it was wonderful to see the two of you so in love and getting married! :)

  2. Thanks Lauren! It goes so fast! I can't believe I've been a married girl for 4 months! Can't wait for all the good things to come for your wedding!! Its coming so soon!

  3. oh la la - love the pictures. Also I love all the new cards and stationary you have right now -- its so beautiful and really quality stuff!!