March 27, 2011

The Art of Giving Thanks

(photo Brittany Lauren Paper)

Don't be tempted to say all of your "thank yous" on Facebook. Handwritten is always the best way to go when you want to show someone how much you appreciate them. Sure writing an email is quick and saves a stamp, but you lose that personal touch of what a handwritten note offers. It shows your apperciation when someone helped you move, gave you a birthday gift or set you up with a great job.

If you want your kids to be sincere, start young. Kids receive a lot of gifts for birthdays, holidays and just being cute. Don't take the easy route by click and send. Have the child learn early that when gifts are received a thank you note is in order. Once the child receives the gift, don't let more then a week go by without thanking the person. Its a great way to teach them manners. Show them that writing a thank you is fun! Let them make the card themselves, or find a design they really like personlized with their name. Make it less formal by taking out some markers or crayons and have them sign their own name or help write the card for them. 

(photo credit, Fun Cards)

Don't forget how important a thank you can be, even when you're too old for crayons.Be memorable after an interview. Even if you don't get the job now, you might still be remembered for your small token of appreciation. You never know what oppurtunity that can bring. Send them out within a few days, so it's still fresh in the interviewer's mind. Make the effort, and good things will come! 

Even in business, it's important to say your thanks. In ever order that I receive, I hand write a message, addressing and thanking the customer for their purchase. I want them to know that their support means alot to me, and I'm happy to work with them. 

(photo Brittany Lauren Paper)

Whether it's a new client or grandma, take time to give thanks. Everyone wants their efforts to be appreciated. A little "thank you" note can go a long way to brighten someone's day.

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