July 12, 2011

Design is in the Detail: Vintage Postage Stamps

I love the timeless feel that vintage postage stamps have, and how they transform a boring envelope into something so lovely. It DOES take a lot of them to add up to the current postage rates, but I think in that the recipient will be pleasantly surprised when they open their mailbox. I sure would be!

After spending a few hours on the hunt, I came up with a list of places that have a great selection of vintage stamps. These stamps can really make envelopes pop. 

(source paper nickel)

1. Paper Nickel — http://thepapernickel.com — Fast service and very helpful. If you have a certain theme, you can custom order stamps to match.
2. Champion Stamphttp://www.championstamp.com — I haven't personally bought from them, but I've heard nothing but good things. Martha Stewart Wedding Magazine uses them as well as many other designers. 
3. Locally - I drove past a CoinStamp shop for many years without even realizing it. Try your neighborhood first and who knows you might find something truly different. 

I started using them in my own product photos to showcase the country glamour style of Brittany Lauren Design. They are my favorite props to use by far. I can totally see why people have loved to collect these!

Don't you wish they made stamps like this today? 

You don't have to stop at vintage stamps to customize. Zazzle enables you to create customized postage with a great selection of designs or even upload your own! I created the stamps in the photo below for a "Save the Date" announcement that tied in with the magnet design.

Adding small details like this can really make a difference for the overall look and feel of an event. Stamps are a way to catch your audience's eye right from the moment the envelope is in their hands. Email and text messages just don't have the personality of a fun stamp!

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  1. Those are amazing stamps, I really do wish they still looked like that. My brother used zazzle for his Christmas cards and the stamps look great and of course very unique!