August 17, 2011

Recent Work: Passport Bridal Shower Invitation

I've had the pleasure of working on some really fun projects this year. But I haven't always found the time to blog it. Here's another design I made last month for a bridal shower with a really lovely "Honeymoon in Paris" theme.

Passport Bridal Shower Invitation: Jessica came to me looking for a unique, custom invitation with a travel theme. Being the bridesmaid, she wanted to throw a bridal shower to get the bride excited for her honeymoon in France.  I used thick gold leaf envelopes (gorgeous) and the invitation itself was printed on heavy, soft violet paper. I rounded the corners myself to give it a more realistic look and used dark purple ribbon to bind the booklet. 

Au revoir! 


  1. Paris bridal shower ... have you seen The Bridesmaids? Heh

    Are puppies being given away also?

    Gorgeous work!!!!!!!

  2. thanks for following :)

    also, your print/stationary products are amazing! gorgeous!

  3. @janice - I actually didn't see that movie - its on my top list!

    @nicole thanks so much! :0)

  4. This is gorgeous!

    Dont forget to enter my $100 Nordstrom gift card + Nars polish giveaway!

  5. This is so brilliant and creative. I will always choose DIY bridal shower invitations than those ready-made. With these, you can add your personal touch and I really love your touch. So creative. Thanks for sharing inspiration.

  6. Hi, Could you give me a price quote for 20 of these Passport to Paris invitations please? I would like it the exact same way as in the picture. Thanks!

    P.S. I live in Kenya, but I would have you ship it to an address in Pittsburgh, PA