February 6, 2012

Long Live Handwriting: I Still Believe in a Handwritten Letter

One of my most treasured items is a box filled with handwritten love letters from my boyfriend (now husband) that he wrote me during his college years in 2004. Every so often when our schedules get busy, I take them out and remind myself about where our journey began. Such a beautiful way to recapture the past.

In an increasingly digital age, handwriting still retains its emotional sway. Unfortunately, cursive is already being cut in elementary schools with more attenton being focused on keyboarding. I'm an advocate of technology, but I also believe that kids should be encouraged to create their identities and be creative. A handwritten note has more personality than the same words written in Times New Roman.

Facebook and Twitter still can't do everything. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE to use social media as a business tool and also to keep in touch with friends/family. Yet, there is still a desire today for more of a personal connection that doesn't include a keyboard. I still believe in a handwritten letter.

I'd like to propose a challenge to you this week: write a note to someone you care about. It doesn't have to be long, even a few sentences will do.  Your words will brighten someone's day, and add that personal touch that sometimes posting on someone's Facebook wall simply can't do.

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