March 17, 2012

Fine Tuning My Craft

Work isn't fun unless you love what to do, right? It starts with passion. When I get an email at midnight, or I'm on the search for something my client is asking for, I don't drag my heels. I work hard, and I'm involved wholeheartedly because I absolutely love what I do. I wake up ready to design and go to sleep thinking about design. It is just in my nature.

As my passion evolves, I learn what makes me happy and what I do not want to pursue anymore. I started out designing greeting cards. I had fun exploring all types of printing techniques like silk screening and letter pressing. I'll never forget being SO EXCITED about letterpressing my first card. Little hearts were coming from my head as my husband would explain it. I even framed it :)

But I was still trying to find my niche. As much as I loved greeting cards, I got more excited when a client would email me to make an invitation for their event. Having made so many personalized requests in the past two years, I really wanted to form my own collection. This lead me to design and launch Brittany Lauren Party Invitations Collection this past winter.

I've decided to discontinue my greeting card line and stick with what I'm really passionate about, personalized paper goods. The remaining cards will be sent to some vendors that sell my designs. At first I didn't want to let it go, thinking I had to stick with it because that's where I began. But to be honest, I am proud that I evolved and gained focus on what pushes me as a designer. 

Find your passion, work out all the kinks and let it grow organically.


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