March 29, 2012

Patterns, Design and Inspiration

As much as I love personalized items, my heart skips a beat for patterns just as much! As a kid when my mom would make trips to the local fabric store, I absolutely LOVED walking down every aisle in excitement. Even though I lack in grasping any sewing techniques whatsoever today, I still use fabric patterns as a source of my inspiration.

When I began designing my party invitations collection earlier this year, I started selectively using different types of patterns that have shaped & defined my stationery brand. I love incorporating pops of color with a fresh spin on classic looks. I also do love to experiment with different shapes that create some interesting patterns as well. But for the classics, gingham and polka dots will always be my design staples of Brittany Lauren Stationery. I don't think I can ever get enough of those two styles!

What's your favorite pattern? I'd love to know!


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