April 6, 2012

Getting the Right Balance…

In the beginning when I started out as a stationery designer, I created till my heart's content. The more products you have in the shop the better, right? Trust me, I couldn't see the light anymore. I wanted to create a little of everything to please everyone! It's also a great way to quickly burn out. I lost track of my brand's sense of style. I had no choice but to break it down and focus on quality NOT quantity. When I talked to my husband about it, he compared it to a fast food restaurant vs a sit down experience. Would you rather quickly serve something or take the time you need to build your stationery brand? So I began breaking my work down into collections. This really helped! Instead of launching everything at once or randomly because the excitement took over, I now focus on one thing at a time. That feels so good to write! A week or two before I launch, I closely inspect everything and double make sure I stamp it with my approval. My mind is always racing with new ideas and sometimes I feel overwhelmed to do them all at once. But instead by:

1. Allowing each collection its own personal attention to detail. Distraction has no home here.
2. Assigning each collection a due date. Deadlines work for a thriving business!
3. Finish them. Take your due date seriously. Burn the midnight oil!
4. Giving attention to each launch by promoting instead of moving on to the next idea so quickly. Allow the same time you worked on your designs to equal the same amount of time to market it. Be committed.

There is no doubt about it, multiple projects can be stressful when you don't have a system that works for you. By spacing my collection launch dates, this allowed my stationery business to grow and also helped me narrow down on finding my signature style. I feel more relaxed in my personal life because I started following this set of guidelines. This plan also paved the way to give me time and full attention for my branding clients as well!

Have you found balance in your work life? Share your tips friends!


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