May 20, 2013

A Year-Round Taste Of Summer

Without a doubt, watermelon is the unofficial taste of summer. Right now being 8 months pregnant all I crave is juicy, delicious fruit! Of course whatever I love at the moment somehow always gets incorporated into my design work. Above is the new watermelon print from the Brittany Lauren Stationery shop. The serving tray would be so adorable to use for entertaining friends and family outside during the hot months. 

Pictured below are handmade watermelon pot holders from the 1940s I found flipping the pages in an old Martha Stewart magazine. The holders were very popular in it's time as red/white kitchens were trendy. These would make such a cute way to kick off summer in our house! The next time I go to a flea market, I'm keeping my eye out for them!

I can't believe summer is only 4 weeks away! My Benny is also due June 21st too! Here's hoping for a summer baby! Make it a sweet day everyone :)


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