January 13, 2014

Decoupage Nautical Frames

**My sister Kim is an amazing decorator and loves to DIY. She made these beautiful frames and I asked her to share this awesome project on my blog! 

I told two people I was going to decoupage today - they looked at me like I was speaking another language. Well in the language of crafty'ness (not a word of course) it is simply using some high shine glue to adhere any picture, paper to another surface. Add some bells and whistles and bam, you have Decoupage! This was one of my first attempts to decoupage.

 I had some left over maps from another project and I wanted to do something fun with them. I bought two wooden frames with a blue background. You want a flat surface and preferably with a background color you like as some of it might show through. The flat surface will make the paper adhere easier. I was going for a nautical them and I purchased some fun shells and rope to have a more finished look. 

I cut up the pieces of the map, and made sure I mixed big and small pieces. I adhered all the pieces to the frame using Mod Podge. I then took the rope and made a border and then added my shells for a finished look. I used Mod Podge (high gloss) to adhere the paper and then slathered two coats to ensure it adhered and to give it a gloss look. Let the Mod Podge dry 15 minutes in between coats.  

All of the products were purchased at a local crafts store (Michaels). The best part of Decoupage - you can be as creative as you like and can turn almost anything into a piece of personalized art! Happy Decoupaging (maybe a real word?) everyone!

Kim is a thirty-something with a full time job in the financial industry with a passion for art and being creative. She loves to be inspired by materials and using them to personalize her home and giving personalized gifts - who doesn't love a homemade card? You can e-mail her for any questions at sailorgrl103@gmail.com