February 18, 2011

Don't throw out those Mason Jars!

I have always been a fan of mason jars. It's fun to see the creative ways people have utilized this ordinary item for important events or as home decorations with a casual, country feel. Here are a few ways the jars can serve as decorations and also be functional:

(photo Country Living)

Vases: Mason jars work great as vases, especially the aqua ones. Spruce up your home and add some character. An outdoor wedding would be a great opportunity to use them as centerpieces and create some uniqueness for the big day at an affordable price. However, aqua mason jars are a little more expensive since they are no longer made. Except to pay around $3-6.

 (photo SimplyDivineDesserts, http://www.etsy.com/shop/SimplyDivineDesserts)

Gifts: Mason Jars work to give a gift! Put together your favorite mix and send it along to a friend. A few holidays ago my husband and I created a peppermint hot cocoa mix in a mason jar for his co workers. It was a big hit, and it wasn't expensive. Don't forget to jazz it up a little with ribbon and homemade tags.

 (photo sproutcandleshop, http://www.etsy.com/shop/sproutcandleshop)

Candles: Add a little charm to your candle craft. The jars work great for holding tea lights and look beautiful at night as lanterns for your guest to enjoy the glow of a magical summer. Let the kids get in on the action and use the jars to catch some fireflies. (I don't recommend using older jars as they are more likely to overheat and break. Try using battery-powered tea lights instead.

Glasses: Mason jars are great for cold drinks, and I guarantee guests will love them. Throwing a BBQ this summer? Add a thirst quenching drink like Stewart's Black Cherry pictured above. Don't forget a slice of lemon!

(photo Country Living)

Mason jars have so many uses, and you can feel good about reusing them for another purpose. Who would have thought that something that simple could create a beautiful setting?

Have you found any fun or creative ways to use mason jars? I'd love to hear!

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  1. Oh I love those jars, vintage and new alike! I keep mine for buttons, embellishments, and the like. If you have a cap, their perfect for iced tea in your cooler too. I can't have enough!