March 16, 2011

Reinventing the Clothespin…

(credit Quotes and Notes)

Wooden clothespins do more then hang clothing on a line. They have become more stylish, and people are coming up with new creative uses for this ordinary item. I LOVE the miniature ones, and have even used some in my own product photos. Here are a few inexpensive ways for you to use them:

1. Spruce up the workspace. Orgainze that boring office work with this day of the week clip set by SusyJack*

Martha Stewart Living

2. Clothespins works great as a refrigerator magnets to hang your favorite photo or notes. They're so easy to make! Lightly smooth down with sandpaper and coat with your favorite acrylic paint color. When dry, put a small magnet with multipurpose cement on the back. (Remove springs/attach if you want when painting)

3. Skip the plastic clip and use a clothespin for a more secure tight on freshness. Hey those aren't your chips… try personalized clothespins to avoid mixups in the dorm and office.

4. Turn it into a rainy afternoon craft with your kids. Paint em', glitter it, add anything you want for a creative day with your little ones.

(credit, Rhiannon)

5. Use them to hold seating charts for an outdoor wedding or special event.

 You probably have a few lying around the house right now. Dig 'em out of your drawers and share your favorite way to use them!


  1. FUnny you should post about clothes pins as I just went to the craft store yesterday to buy some to hang pictures of my daughter with on a string by our fireplace for her first birthday! I love wooden clothespins. They are crafty, vintage feeling and fun! Great post!

  2. Clothespins are soo cute! I love the days set!