March 13, 2011

Let the Good Times Roll…

Our wedding reception took place in the Hudson Gallery, a few steps away from the ceremony site, at the Thayer Hotel.

From the minute I started planning my wedding I always knew my colors would be aqua and blue. It's my favortie combo because it's unique and I think that it screams FUN. I wanted my guests to feel comfortable and feel relaxed.

The bows were one of my favorite decoratvative items to add. I loved how they looked on the chairs. Those were my "something blue", and the "something borrowed" were flower vases  from my sister's wedding. To break up the red carnations, we added white roses. Flowers were by Lily's of the Valley of Hyde Park, NY . I used Hudson Valley Historial sites instead of numbers for the tables. I designed the menus, and customized them with the name of the table.  The handmade pinwheels had the guests' names and table for the seating arrangement.

We aren't really dancing machines, so I had to really search hard for a song that I felt captured the moment. After endless nights on YouTube, I picked "Marry Me" by Train. If you haven't heard this song, you should. It makes me cry everyime I hear it.

Anyone who knows me can tell you that I'm a BIG candy addict. I decided to turn the wedding favors into a candy buffet. I designed, printed and made these little candy bags. I rubber stamped thank you tags on the gumball machines, and signed each one personally with our signature. It was time consuming,  but I was very happy to add a personal touch and give our guests a nice memento. My sister was sweet and ordered M&Ms with our names on the candy. I ordered Seaglass candy from Portland, Maine our family vacation spot since 2004. (Oh, did I ever mention Mike and I have dated since 2002).

Okay, I'll have to admit it: I jumped up and down when I saw my cake. I loved how it came out, and it was even more yummy than I could imagine! It was a white cake with a strawberry and custard filling, I can still taste it!. Vintage 1920's wedding Cake topper made by Over the Top Studios.

And if someone wasn't into cake, we had a chocolate fountain with fruit, cake and cookies to dip!

I had these signs made for our sweetheart table. I debuted them the night before at rehearsal dinner.

I'm so happy to share my wedding photos with everyone. It's nice to be able to show your wedding album to everyone who lives far away. I had a great time, and had fun adding unique touches to express who we are. 

(All photo credit to Sara Eden Photography)


  1. Everything looks absolutely perfect. The colors are precious and that cake looks to DIE for! I love looking at great wedding photos...your day looks so lovely :)

    Thanks for sharing with us! Congratulations!

  2. Loved that cake and I love the colors you picked!

  3. thank you so much <3
    time goes too fast sometimes but its nice to have picture memories!

  4. Oh Brittany! Your wedding was BEAUTIFUL! You are a gal of my own heart with style like yours!

    I can't wait to plan my own some day (hint hint mr. jeffy ;) hehe)