April 19, 2011

Retro Kitchen Decor: Inspiration Board

It all started with a red teapot that we received as an engagement gift. I started filling the kitchen with more cherry red items like a microwave and large ceramic tea cups and saucers. I was hooked on red kitchen appliances! I read that red, orange and yellow colors in a kitchen encourage people to eat and be social. I think that our kitchen really pops now and has a lot of personality. I hope our guests feel invited when they walk in!

I'd like to continue my retro vibe with a few more new items:

Ok, I have to admit that my favorite item isn't red (but it still goes great with the color scheme)! The Chalkboard Jars are versatile and fun. They can go from the place where you store your sugar or your dog's favorite treat. All you need is a piece of chalk!

The husband says I'm pushing it with the red stove. Maybe in our next home!


  1. A red stove would be insane! Our old kitchen had pops of red and it never worked because we just didn't go far enough with it, but I wish we had. You should get a red kitchenaid stand mixer! The best kitchen accessory :)


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