April 17, 2011

Timeless Love

There is something timeless and romantic about lovers' initials carved into tree trunks. I thought it would be great to capture that image without harming the trees in our parks. When I found thick eco-friendly woodgrain stock paper, an idea clicked. I loved using it for my bird set and wanted to use it for something else again.


Here are some other great items that also carry the carved initials design:

I'm totally swooning over that Red Envelope necklace. So adorable and perfect for the summer to wear! I love these fresh takes on a classic motif that doesn't harm our trees.


  1. These are too cute! I like the flower bucket. I agree that love initials are very special!!

  2. Nice finds, how fun to be strolling through the woods and come upon some long ago initials carved in a tree trunk.

  3. Very romantic and special indeed, carved initials:)