October 5, 2011

In the Clouds

File Under: Bucket List. Taking a hot air ballon ride is something I want, no MUST do before I'm 30. I've always had a fascination with flying and after experiencing my first plane ride last January at the rip old age of 27, I thought I'd move on to the next step.

Here are a few items in honor of my new obsession: 

1. Aren't these tights adorable? 2. This ornament is definitely going up on our christmas tree in a few months. 3. Pretty necklace by sonho   4. Lovely print for any room.

Mike says I'm pushing it with skydiving.  


  1. I really love the ornament and necklace --- and tights. So cute!

    Hope you guys have fun on the hot balloon ride!

  2. We are booking one in Cali when we go in 3 months :)