February 27, 2012

Overcoming Obstacles on the Journey to My Dreams with Lyme Disease

Oh happy day…

A year ago I didn't think that I'd ever get here. I didn't think that it would ever get better. Things got worse before they got better, but I'm stronger now because I stayed positive.

Lyme disease destroyed my knee in January 2011, and it changed me. After a MRI, I was diagnosed with a torn meniscus/meniscal cyst.  It took some time before I could bounce back and be physical again —  with lots of water therapy and rest. Instead of focusing 120% on starting my branding/stationery business, I had to focus on myself. It was a step back for sure, but it also taught me some patience. I'm the kind of girl that cannot wait on lines (thank you online shopping!) or Christmas Morning for the matter. I had to sit back, focus on healing and accept taking less clients for a period of time. I wasn't going to heal in one day, and I had to give time permission to take its course.

I feel truly blessed for my amazing support system of family and friends who gave me tons of love and help. I couldn't have faced this obstacle on this journey to my dreams without them. Thank you to my amazing mother who took weekly trips to the post office for me!

The picture above was taken last Sunday, when I walked up a steep path that lead to a gorgeous  overlook by the George Washington Bridge. My husband was so proud of me, because a year ago I couldn't have made it halfway up. I knew that the reward wasn't just the beautiful view — it was that I had my health back to climb up those stairs!

Never give up on your passion when the unexpected happens. Obstacles can teach you a lot about yourself and what really matters personally and professionally! Although my knee injury was a setback —  rest was actually a blessing, and it let me get back to my full potential!

Happy Day from BrittanyLauren on Vimeo.


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  1. Congratulations on making it up those stairs! I love the quote that you used in the beginning of this post...it's so true. Good for you for overcoming so much and for getting your strength and health back. Thank you for coming by The Best of this Life, looking forward to seeing you again soon!