June 19, 2012

Weekend in Photos: Father's Day

This weekend I had a blast spending some quality time with my family. On Saturday night, we kicked off the start of the summer by going to the drive-in theater. It's always such a fun time taking a drive up to Warwick, NY for a little nostalgia. I grabbed my treats from the snack bar and curled up in the back of the car with my favorite blanket and pillow. The night sky was so pretty that I stared at the stars as much as the screen.

On Father's Day, we took advantage of the beautiful weather for our favorite family pastime, sailing the Hudson! We sailed almost to the Tappan Zee Bridge and enjoyed a picnic on the water. 

I've been sailing with my family for over two decades! Here is a photo from 1990 of my dad and I on our family's first boat. My face is priceless :)

Cheers to a productive week ahead friends! 

P.S. Check out my new gold boat shoes! I'm in love! I scored these beauties at a Nine West Outlet with my friend, Janice for only $25.

1 comment:

  1. Love those shoes!

    I definitely want to go back to the drive-in sometime this summer. It's one of my favorite summer past times.

    Cannot wait to set sail with you and your family!