September 10, 2012

Fresh Picks - Apple-Themed Products

I've got my eye on these adorable apple themed items! 

Bonus apple treat(source

How could you not smile when you make these?! So cute, right? Here's how to make this simple and fun snack:


  • Smooth peanut butter
  • 1 red apple, cored and sliced into eighths
  • squeeze of lemon juice
  • miniature marshmallows


1. Spread peanut butter on one side of each apple slice (squeeze a little lemon juice over the apple if not serving immediately).

2. Place four miniature marshmallows on one apple slice and then lay another apple slice, peanut butter side down, on top.

Serve and enjoy!

Only a week and half till Fall officially starts! I can already smell my Yankee pumpkin pie candle burning, layering up for the crispy, chilly Fall air and taking out my favorite boots from the closet. 

As Summer winds down, what are you looking forward to this Autumn?

Have a happy week!


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