September 8, 2012

NEW Business Cards!

A new collection and e-commerce site means new business cards! Since I began working on my new line, I fell in love with so many of the fun patterns that I had created. I thought it would be exciting to incorporate one of those designs on the back of a business card, but I couldn't just pick one pattern! I came up with an idea that let me have my cake and eat it too! So, I switched things up and designed a batch of mix and match business cards featuring my favorite patterns from the Brittany Lauren Design collection! 

I can't wait to hand these out!

Have a happy day :)


P.S. The online shop is coming September 17th! 


  1. Those are some gorgeous cards! Super inspiring. Following you now :)



  2. Captivating card because of soft shades...your skills inspires me a lot....can i take this to print plastic business cards of my own...