January 2, 2014

What's the Word for 2014?

Resolutions don't work for me at all. By the third week in January I'm back to where I was. Resolutions bring so much pressure that I lose focus. Last year I tried something different. I picked a word to define 2013 for me. Picking a word makes me feel that my goals are more achievable.  This year the word for me is:


I am dedicated to being:

1. More present. Enjoying the moment I am in and owning it. 

2. Designing with purpose and things I love. More stamps are coming to the shop because I love making them and hearing how my clients use them! 

3. Becoming Healthier - It's okay to grab a cupcake once in awhile but my goal is to make majority of the meals that are good for my family and me.

4. Finding balance between work and family. I know it's not easy and balance is an overused word but it's important to not let work or family time to interfere.

5. Less screen time - I'm putting limits on my social media time. I love interacting but it takes up too much of my day to focus on what really matters. 

I want to be dedicated and embrace wholeheartedly into everything I do. When I'm with my family, I'm 100% with my family. That means not turning on my iPhone for "just a few seconds" to look at Facebook or Instagram. I don't want social media to rob me of precious moments because I'm worried I'll miss a thing or try to capture the "perfect" moment .

Happiness is the result of my dedication. When I work on things without a purpose my hearts pumps a little less. I get frustrated and overwhelmed. I want a fullness of feeling when I do things that fire me up.

What's your word for 2014?

Happy New Year friends!

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