September 25, 2014

Autumn Carries More Gold in its Pocket Than All the Other Seasons

I love this time of year when the air is crisp and the leaves start turning colors! I take my Benny on a stroll around the lake in our neighborhood community almost everyday. It's something I cherish and find so peaceful with him. Living in New Jersey, you experience all the seasons mother nature has to offer and since having my son I am even more excited for celebrating Autumn!

I've been jotting down in my planner all the activities I want to do with my family and the list keeps growing and growing! I'm really excited for Halloween this year and just started working on his costume! I picked out the fabric a few weeks for his superhero cape my mom and I are making! I'll post pictures when we are done! 

I also made this print for the house to display on the fireplace along with a leaves banner I found on Pinterest. (Pinterest makes me go crazy!)

 (Isn't this quote lovely!)

What's on your list?


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