November 13, 2014

Creating Margin

(Mike and Benny) 

My husband, Mike told me something the other day that really struck a cord with me. He said "One day, your parents put you down and never picked you up again". How so very true and how much I want to hold on to each moment with my little guy. I don't want to be too busy where I didn't notice I picked up my son for the last time. I have built margin into my life, and it's okay to have big white space on your planner just to laugh and play. I often wish that time would slow down since I became a mom. (Anyone have father clock's number?) I feel so grateful that I get to hold and kiss my boy all the time even if he's more interested in exploring. I left my corporate job to start my design busiess when I was 4 months pregnant. I worked 6 years in the Advertising world plus moonlighting at night while fighting lyme disease for the sole purpose of creating a career that was flexible for my family and doing what I love. That life feels like a million years ago but it got me here today even when I felt like giving up when the hustle got too much. I'm glad for the ups and downs, for long days. For falling on my face and learning what not to do or how to do it right. I always see life, sunny side up. It's my default.

I'm grateful to run a business that allows me to take a stroll around our lake in the middle of the afternoon. Those small joys fill my heart so much so I can tackle the BIG stuff.

Savor every moment, friends.


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