January 11, 2012

Every Piece Has a Story | Vintage Find

Sometimes the best accessories are right in your mom's closet. It's fun going through a box filled with one-of-a-kind treasures from past decades and not knowing what you'll find. My mother gave me this beautiful vintage hair clip a few months ago to wear for a friend's wedding.

What I love about vintage pieces are their stories. My mom used to wear this hair clip during the early seventies when she was dating my dad. I feel like I can be part of a tradition again when I wear this out with my husband.

Just think of the memories that are evoked when you wear a special piece that you inherited or borrowed from someone important to you. One day, I 'll be able to share my favorite pieces and have someone bring life back into them. I hope I don't feel too old when my items are considered vintage :)

- B

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