January 13, 2012

Unwind: Tea for Two, Please

There is nothing more cozy than a warm cup of tea on a cold afternoon day. That experience is even more relaxing when you nibble on yummy pastries and scones. My new favorite flavor to sip on is Bella Coola, a caffeine free herbal tea with a blend of orange and pineapple. It's a drink that's very much pretty in pink!

A few weeks ago we purchased a Living Social coupon for a local teahouse in Westwood, NJ.  We had tried to go to high tea while in Bermuda for our honeymoon, but after motor biking halfway across the island to a recommended spot, it was closed. I was so disappointed we couldn't do it then. Ever since that day, I became truly enamored with afternoon tea time. Boy was I was so excited to go and unwind! Definitely something to check off on your list of things to try. I almost felt like I escaped to go meet up with Alice and the Mad Hatter for the day  :) 

How lovely is this tea set? It's seriously so gorgeous and enchanting! You can find a lot more beautiful patterns at http://www.theteapotshoppe.com. I'm looking to purchase my very own set to add a little more charm in the kitchen and most importantly relaxation to the day. Now if I could only bake :) 


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